Women's Counselling Centre Services


SWCC is a women’s only safe space managed and staffed by women. The physical location and internal space within the Centre has been purposefully planned to achieve maximum security, ease of access, comfort and tranquillity.

Group Program

SWCC runs 3 core groups throughout the year. DBT Skills group, Art Therapy, and Domestic Violence Early Intervention, Prevention, Support and Recovery.

Education, Information & Referral

SWCC is an active participant in community capacity building. The centre provides Information sessions on a range of issues effect women and their families.

Counselling Staff

Sydney Women’s Counselling employs Professional Qualified Counsellors and
Psychologists/Social Workers who are registered with professional bodies including PACFA, ACAAPS, AASW, and ANZATA.

All staff at the Centre are bound by a professional code of conduct and code of ethics.

Counsellors are qualified in a variety of therapeutic modalities which form part of the tool kit used to best meet the needs of individual clients

Counsellors are provided with significant support via regular internal and external supervision as well as peer debriefing, reflection and case presentations. This promotes safe clinical practice for both clients and staff.

All counsellors are experienced in working in a culturally appropriate manner with clients.

Fact Sheets

Eating Disorders

The principle feature of eating disorders is a preoccupation with control over eating, body weight and food.


Sydney Women’s counselling Centre recognizes the Social Determinants of Health, including Gender and Cultural factors which impact on depression.

Domestic Violence

Domestic violence is a serious and broad social problem. Exposure to violence in the family also has dramatic and negative affects on the well being of children.


Places like this are very valuable, they provide women with skills for life. Therefore better
citizens, more productivity, better families, better human beings. Its a win win for all.

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