Sydney Women’s Counselling Centre offers free counselling through programs funded by NSW Health. The Responsible Gambling Fund (Office of Liquor Racing and Gaming), Family and Community Services and South Eastern and Northern Sydney Family Referral Service Barnardos Australia.

  • General Mental Health/Domestic Violence/Sexual Assault
  • Alcohol & Other Drugs
  • Gambling Help
  • Bi-lingual (Chinese speaking)

Our Medicare Service Provider (MSP) and Access to Allied Psychological Services (ATAPS) program bulk bill with no upfront cost to clients. MSP requires a GP referral and a Mental Health Plan

The centre offers individual counselling for women 18 years & over, whom are predominantly from low socioeconomic status, disadvantaged and vulnerable women including women from CALD backgrounds and Aboriginal & Torres Strait Islanders who couldn’t otherwise afford counselling. It doesn’t directly provide counselling for children, couples or families, however SWCC has strong partnerships with other organizations whom clients & their families can be referred to & worked with collaboratively (whilst the woman can still attend counselling at SWCC). The format for counselling at SWCC is on weekly basis for one hour, on a regular day & time for a negotiated period.

Clients have the option of short, medium & long term counselling depending on a number of factors including their counselling issues & goals, physical health, availability & commitment.

Short term counselling is 5- 10 sessions.

It most often applies to the MSP & short term DV counselling programs, but anyone can have short-term counselling. When clients have indicated they need longer term counselling after completing these programs, they still have the option of transferring to another counselling program for medium – long term counselling as required & discussed with their counsellor.

Medium Term counselling is 11-20 sessions.

Clients sometimes elect this time frame when they have had a major life stressor that they need some support around. E.g. death or loss of a relationship. They may also be a returning client (have had long-term counselling before) & have gone extended period with out counselling, then return due to a new situational stressor.

Long term counselling is over 20 sessions & up to maximum of 2 years.

Clients can safely process underlying complex trauma and build their capacity to heal and to take control of their lives.

For clients whom ongoing weekly counselling is not a viable option, due to personal circumstances or no vacancies in appropriate alternative program at SWCC, a BRIEF INTERVENTION can be a helpful alternative. Clients are offered up to 4 counselling sessions after the initial phone assessment. This can still be a valuable for clients whom have reached out for help perhaps for the first time, have the chance to tell their story & have some other supports mobilized.